Friday, September 12, 2008

How to rob a bank?

If i were to rob a bank. Now most bank robbers were masks or stockings to conceal their identity. But whats better than concealing your identity? Changing it. I would make my skin color look that of an african-amarican, or a gypsy, or what ever the terminology is now a days. My eyes are already brown. Also I would dress just not exactly like me, if you understand. And i iven would walk diferent. On a local hill, I would dig a small hole to hide the money in. I would were a strong parfume. You might think, well the dogs will find you easier,well no they don't. Now before the bank robbery, here is the hard part. I would need to steal a car. Not just any car, an old person’s car. They keep the car’s very clean. I would have to hide the old person in the trunk during the robbery and void them of any cell phones. It would have to be someone with out much family so no one inquires to the police about why the person can’t be found. Not that the police would be a problem anyway. See also before the robbery, there would have to be some distraction. You know, to get the police away from the bank. for instance, I would hide a bomb in the school yard. No one would get hurt, but police would go. A bomb blowing up anywere, the police would go. Then Blow up any road that could Lead back to the city. Also have the police station rigged with some sort of explosive, or some way of disabling all the police cruisers. I wouldent forget about the sheriff’s Depts and any Helicopter that could be used. Also blow up any roads coming from the law enforcement stations as well as anyroad coming into town from adjacent citys. Make sure to time all this when no Highway patrol are in the city. I almost forgot, latex gloves are a no-no, sure I dont leave finger prints… at the scene, but the gloves, and the box they came from do. Now that I have the law out of the way, I'm set to go. Normally people would ask a friend to help them, and then they would kill that friend afterwards. But I like my friends to much, and they are linkable. If I use a friend as a pre-planned hostage, the tapes will show premeditation, and all they have to do is find out who the dead hostage knew. So I would just pick a Random hostage. Preferably an lady, but not an old lady and not one with heals. Both tend to slow me down. I would simple lay the pillow case on the counter. On the pillow case in marker it would say "Fill ME Fast". Then take my hostage at gun point. The attendant will get the message. I would stand in a corner so i couldnt get snuck up behind by a random hero. I would not shoot anyone unless I absolutly dad to, but if I did, I would make sure my barrell to my pistol was a different one than I normally use, and I would use an ammo i dont normally use. Now that my pillow case is full, I will take my hostage to the parking lot. And no I would not take them with me, no one has ever had a hostage and used them successfully in a escape run. I would leave the bank in the opposite direction I wanted to go. Then make my way to a Blind part of the city, not many cameras close to a wooded area. I would release my tied, gagged and blinded senior citizen. Then I would torch the car with gas. After this i would make my way to my hidding spot. Inside my hole would be a bucket of water to wash the blackness off me and a change of clothes. I would torch my old clothes and boots to. Then, find my car and drive away. When I got home i would shower to get the cologne of me, and it being a cologne I never used before, it would be untracable. A couple days later, go and see if my money is in the hole. If it isn’t, it had a tracking device, mehh.. oh well.. was fun anyway.

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